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The effectiveness of omega-3 supplementation in reducing ADHD associated symptoms in children as measured by the Conners’ rating scales: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Abdullah, M., Jowett, B., Whittaker, P., & Patterson, L.

Omega-3 supplements are considered to have anti-inflammatory effects which may be beneficial as inflammation has been linked to ADHD. The aim of this review is to examine the effectiveness of omega-3…

General and Domain-Specific Effectiveness of Cognitive Remediation after Stroke: Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis

Rogers, J.M., Foord, R., Stolwyk, R.J., Wong, D., & Wilson, P.H.

Cognitive remediation (CR) has been shown to improve cognitive abilities following a stroke. However, an updated quantitative literature review is needed to synthesize recent research and build understanding of…